IPWatch GmbH
Business Solutions


From our main location in Essen we provide support in the areas of administration, network engineering, production, storage and logistics.


From our development center in Aystetten, we facilitate our motto “von der Idee zum Produkt”, from your idea to production. With our team of developers we support and implement individual projects with guaranteed results. Our production process has the ability to create 3D models, product prototypes, and the final product. We specialise in microcontroller, RFID and wireless network technology.

Intelligent Lockers

As more businesses modernize their facilities, we strive to find the applications that best suit your business. Within the confines of our own development center, our production team has the capability to provide a platform for an unlimited amount of ideas.

Since 2006, we have specialized in producing and developing electrical locks for offices and other work-related areas.

As of 2010, our online networks have found great success in the German fitness industry nationwide.

For any technical inquiries about product information and solutions please contact us at development@ipwatch.de

Intelligent Networks

Generally speaking, networks are systems of multiple interconnected servers, computers, terminals and other peripheral devices. These essential features enable interconnection and thus the sharing of data.

If you want access to resources and data, as well as fluid communication within your network’s central administration, then you are in good hands with us.

Intelligent Signage

IPSignage / Digital Signage uses technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information data. Digital Signage is an information medium that loads data from a content management system and displays it interactively toward a specific target group.

Content is supplied manually or automatically by means of a content management system that can be easily updated and customized regularly. The combination of memory and controller is required to prepare and play content.

Are you looking for the perfect solution? Whatever it is a video-wall, conference room, diverse or individual display solution you need, we advise, with goal-oriented solutions, from initial planning to project realization.

Intelligent Remote Solutions

Our motto: “From idea to production.” We have over 20 years of experience with electronic products.

Developing products and prototypes, from small series to retail products in high volume. We specialize in micro-controller, RFID, and wireless network technology.

For any technical inquiries about product information and solutions please contact us at development@ipwatch.de